Sadnesses comes to her with the morning tides.


Trade war

My bargain – a kiss

And water flows…

In high peaks, we float above

In feeble times we sink below.

This is our new trade war.

You lost sometimes because I bended all the rules we could’ve possibly known.

You won sometimes because I could not bear to see you all alone.

They say, all that is gone now, but if we look closer in a thousand ways, when the mantle falls and we are all alone, oh my love, this war just begun.


Your silence

removed from the lake of thoughts

now carved in stone

freeing up space

 to rebuild hope

in the ruins of self-made pain


Outside, the sun creates amazing shadows
And illuminates dreams
The ocean is inventing new clouds
A new language
A new me


Cuts and bruises in her heart.

Designer sunglasses to cover black eyes.

The devil overplayed its hand.

She had a hidden card.

A bottomless well of love, always reaching for the light.

Not this time

They briefly looked into each other’s eyes. She trembled. He smiled.

She hurried to get across the aisle. He followed, not far behind.

She effortlessly whispered “not this time”.

20 years had passed. Since they kissed each other in the neighborhood park.

For months, she waited for him. He disappeared in the night.


I have been traveling with the sunshine.

Twisting lonely nights’ hopes to crash my side.

But sometimes, a poem dressed in white, comes to my rescue and my past love for lonely nights is no longer a nuance.

Near the meadow


Looking from afar

peeling the extra layers with a naked eye

not knowing if the sight came about through a hurricane or a waterfall – the shattered wings of a butterfly


Sight of an awkward time arriving as a mixture of ashes and flames.

Change – taking hold of happy memories, like they are old dirt.

We are fooled into believing that when friendships are dimmed, and family’s smiles are less sincere, comfort can be found wrapped around loneliness’ shell.

Loneliness can only bring comfort if the unborn seeds of patience and acceptance have existed within like a subterranean lake.

The first step

The broken youth excuse ran its course.

Shaken – all the phantoms and damsels in distress mindset.

Time has come, to pick up your limbs, bundle your heart up and keep it warm to help you only through the first step.

Beyond that, you must find your own way.

Time can only be borrowed, when existence is at its natural edge.


Lovers had a quiet night despite the bestial lure of the world outside.

Nested thoughts

Nested thoughts, arrive each night when I lay in bed alone.

Sometimes they have wings and sometimes they simply float. But they always leave me trapped – and with many questions, when day breaks and darkness’ door is closed.

Perhaps all it is meant to discover that I am really small. When life awakens, we are but a shadow on the jungle of nested thoughts.

The end of the road

Not because I am unkind…but a smile lingers on my throat
each time you slowly walk and rock…back and forth… like an old rocking chair, finding its center of joy
i have known you for quite a few springs and many bird – calls
we have hold hands through a thousand storms
we have been planting together for many moons and enjoyed the smell of roses while gently holding its thorns
it seems we may be reaching the end of the road –   at least that we are told, and while not perfect
we learn to travel through rain for a chance to glance at the sun


There is no need to feel sorry for what never was. Life comes at you with all its force.

You can crumble and cling to every crack on the foundation rock.

But like water on a river, sipping underneath, traveling without being seen.

You can feel life emerging from each pore of your skin.

Life is a branch of the most glorious tree: Love.


Unknotted my fractured heart to build me collage of unpleasant stories of a time in the past.

Dragged my stories as far I could like it was Noah’s ark.

I reached the ocean just in time to witness the blood moon tide.

The rocking waves made me wonder if pain is ever an outcast.


Unmatched lips on open space.

Waiting for spring rain to fall.


This is my shifting side…where cold nights emerge like newly born butterflies.

the heavy heart of love

A heaviness of heart woke me up.

I truly want to love everything alive and everything that grows.

But the truth rests on every poem I ever wrote. In the falling leaves and the soon to follow snow.


I vanquish in writing simply because it soothes my internal force.

The ever lingering need to whisper and follow the path of shadows down the hill, round and up.

Sometimes if my path crosses your path, you read – or glance at the words I wrote.

And that’s enough for me, I do not wish for more.


The fallen leaves give a reason to take long walks

And marvel at such beauty that will soon be lost

When the last snow covers the colored – edges not to eclipse its beauty

But to brighten it with a new glow

You see, just because

I want to love everything alive and everything that grows,

Does not prevents me from loving everything else that crosses my path, brighten my day and does not impose.

Loving those feelings, that, I cannot ignore.

Reason to cry

I can’t cry. When the sun turns dark and I can only see light if I close my eyes.

I can’t cry. Because life did not go as planned. Or the music we used to make together has lended its ear to a distant musician on a distant war.

I can’t cry. If running into you is replacing the many races we won by falling into each other arms.

There is no use for tears at this time. Where love and lust look at each other on the eye, wink and move on to the next wanderer of the night.

This is my time…and will hang onto to it with every inch of my heart.

To love and be loved, is the only good reason to cry.


Locked the door behind me and the world stopped.

Not even the most distant noise. Life’s rhythm in every heartbeat flying from room to room and beyond.

Angels and thunderstorms, all at once playing my favorite song.

Ready to be lost… just me and my soul…nothing more.