under the rain

Wandering away to get closer to ourselves




On the road

Along the way…

we will find our own kind of happiness


Falling asleep to your sound

And dreaming of a way to say “I missed you”

Each day i have been


Your arms to keep me safe

And your love

To save me

From the loneliness of my own sounds

us again

Unremarkable ways

To care for each other

Without causing unnecessary pain

Crossing rivers, valleys and mountains

Right before we gently knock

At heaven’s gate



 Gravitating towards the end

A slippery rope to hang on…



This virgin nostalgia for a year

Full of days without words

And inward silence

Reaching every corner of faith and hope

of love

Whisper 88


Between black and white

Right and wrong

There should always be a second thought

Whisper 87

You should not claim innocence, as you grow old

Or say you did not know

What you do not say

It is often times


Whisper 86

 I am not a crippled soul

My wingspan is just the visible and fragile hope

Wounded by misplaced love

And unwanted wars


Desperate for rain

To wash away the loneliness of the heart

And a softening of the lines

Between right and wrong

The homeless life of an empty soul

For this she prayed

To God and all else

Our choices


Can overcome light, hope and love

When blindness of the heart

Is a choice

Natural choice

Loneliness is lurking around

Waiting for the smallest opportunity to sneak in and settle

Wild birds calling me to join in their joy

Loneliness, has no chance


Flowers are uprooted and thrown

Away from their stems and blended into a pulp

A godless force

Breaking the harmony of the world

Destroying all things

For the purely evil pleasure

Of needing nothing and wanting it all

Free falling

I was born a butterfly

Free and fragile

Beautiful colors covering

my flawed skin

my dried eyes

Movements came as natural as daylight

Music filling the heart

I wandered to the edge of heaven

Without taking into account my wingspan

Falling… and falling… until we reach nighttime


I know how the story goes

If we’re not fighting to be close

We are letting go


Being old is journey I must embark on my own

I alone must chase light

And learn to be something more than hope

A lioness escaping from herself

Weeping willows of joy


Longing to be safe

Away from here and yet

Not far away

The Layers of Love

I love the man that invents theories about music, nature, and politics and never questions the existence of eternal love

He awakens the rush of words

When he arrives… I am helpless…lost

I cannot sleep and my silence screams inward just as the sun runs


To the shore

With his presence there are no nights and days or anything else in the world…

Feelings float

Right in front of me and I gasp for air between words

… this is when I write the most…this is when I say the least or sometimes say nothing at all…

Lost and found… rebirth and gone

The never ending dance of deep ends and tip toes…

He owns my soul…

…and with him, I enter the house of all that could be and has been felt before…

A simple touch of hands and yes, I am nothing but love