No more – say no more and be

 At sundown, specially at sundown…life, is sweet

This is when I bend my time and my dreams

 An infinite performance that holds everything

Knowing that the next dawn

All that was perfect will again be

The place where hope becomes a balance between

Reality and wonder

A century of a life half-lived

Countless hands acclaiming what we used to be

Rivers of innocence

In a journey we can hold in our fist


Pearls and dreams

Chasing you in their white-cotton outfits

Drapes of green

Honeybees and sounds of blues

Summer heat

That’s the moment

I hold your hand

And we remain…

very still

Droplet 105

A wider worldview

Some say

Is the key to understanding

This premise does not apply

To those who believe, they already are

The center of the universe

No more guessing

Watch me leave

My scattered pain and my dull grief

In the same place we buried myths 

No way out

No way in


More than flowers and bees

Morning is eternity

It comes and goes but never leaves

Clouds too bloom

At dusk and dawn

And sometimes in between

The moon too is free

To move towards us as it retrieves


Reasons to be still

Carelessly thinking of nothingness and no time to keep

Sacred mysteries which if revealed

Can give away the meaning of life

Burst into flames, break the shell of all

That it may be

In the end…

Mankind is not here to stay

Regardless of what we think

When you compromise your being to make war

Conquer and rule

When being different is synonymous of fear or worse

When being born is no longer a good thing

Because your origin will dictate what you can and cannot do

Even with your own life and your dreams

Can you blame me? When I tell you I am more comfortable among other beings

Among the butterflies and the bees

Droplet 104

Mist, vines, and winds

Love, mystery, deceit

Warm days for lovers to dream

Kiss and reign without a thought

Soon they will find they are not lost, but free

Can u see?

All my attempts are unfruitful they say

I am nothing but a shell they think

But those who look and do not see

Do not even know what they seek

I am core and light

Crossing above and below

I am the essence that never falls



Bend as you run free

Of careless dreams

For we are blessed

And should make honey… as do the bees

Come and see

How the flowers offer life to others and sing

The skies and the wind softly lift

The ancient sounds and all that is worth keeping

Come and hear the music of the trees


Perhaps the moon will bloom for us tonight harmony will return to its own path Perhaps wilted roses will no longer cry take me to bed let me be everything if just for a while


I cannot walk in your shoes

Not today

Not ever

We were born without legs

Droplet 103

The night shattered

At the thought of eternity

Droplet 102

Be the rain…

That cuddles between

Yesterday and today

And then…

even in the darkest hour

and the loneliness of this place

i ask for a droplet of faith

light the candles and let go of this rage

heal the wounded heart

with a promise of returning

to this earth

this earth we destroy, which each footstep, with each breath


Grace should inspire every move we make

Or so I used to tell the self

I lost it; I was not able to contain

The disgust

For other so-called human beings when all they do

is hate


We are all transients in this cruel world

But eternal to our soul

Droplets 101

In time

memories become

our dreams of the past

Droplets 100

Shaped like a maleable metal

Our love weathers the storm


Alone on a misty night I walk

Going nowhere