The Nameless

Blood songs describe the past

As if to isolate the light

A cloud covering the facts


Truth is so often fragile

That the sharp blade of indifference can

Incapacitate her and burn her eyes


Truth, is the nameless


Of blood thirsty and hateful

Human lives

Around this time

Winter will ride

The wave of shyness

Until the last branch

Drops all its leaves

After that

Brace yourself

For a new curfew each night

And a cold bumpy ride

New beginnings

Sap rising thru my veins

Preparing for the next act

The blue skies

Are perhaps

A sign

Of new beginnings

All the hate

Will somehow

Stay buried

And cut in half

Whisper 73

Sometimes loneliness

Crawls its way into my heart

Like a steady rain

Sometimes I am able to stop the hurt

And enjoy the rain

Whisper 72

The Gods are listening

Every step

Giving us wings sometimes

And sometimes extra weight


Along the way

A few broken pieces

An ocean of love

And many joyful sunsets

When I leave this earth

I will take nothing

But my dusty trail

Whisper 71

The distance traveled

Layered aches

And a few smiles along the way

Molded my wings

And straighten my faith


Out of the blue

She emerged

To count the years passed

Since they gathered

To celebrate life

Whisper 70

A ghost moon emerges within

Revealing the color of the soul

Whisper 69



Folding time

Falling leaves


Whisper 68

Stolen dreams

Collecting dust in someone’s desk

Bending the rules

Invented by a human being

To save the lives of many others

Never crossed his mind

Whisper 67

Destiny splashes truth

Even to shallow minds

We are born

We struggle

If we try

We love

And are loved

And one insignificant day

We die

Whisper 66

My eyes

Chasing the moon across the clouds

Imitating life

Perfect one moment

Gone the next

Whisper 65

Head far from troubled waters

Wrapped up with melodies of the past

Not wondering if the future will ever come

If the aches will soon be back

Like a bird keeping watch

Of the love and light

We once had

Until… the end

Promises are like cooking recipes

If not followed accordingly

The outcome

A game of chance


Desperate race

Dried foliage falling into place



If I keep moving… death will not find me

She said as she walked away

In between

My fire always shines half-dark

My wounds seek a distant healer

In my loving…sometimes I think of you

Before I go

When the sun sets

And the life I once led

Is about to be no more

I hope to have the chance

To let you know

I am glad I was here


Nothing outlives love


You only see yourself

An all else

Is hate