Monthly Archives: February 2012


I cannot always have sunshine

Often my words refuse to rhyme

or articulate

My flesh slowly dies everyday

I hear the birds calling, like one calling a mate

with a mournful song

Darkness blocks my flight

but I resist

For I am not dead, not just yet



I know how to get to your heart
I did so once
I saw the face of sin
Traveling your eyes, hips, lips, and skin
I know your deepest demons
And the twinkling of your hand when you lie
Holding you in my arms, was not paradise, but pretty close
Now, can you see the point?
I am not the other, the last
I am the one!


Would you love me any-less?

Oh! If you could see, how would your love be?

tender, passionate, free?

Empty fear,

I could not hear

Did you say yes?


Eyes, full of wonder, I felt

Dancing, naked in the rain



what a blessing!

Mystical wind

of dreams, waves

Harboring gladness, with each breath

Out there

Out there

I am the whisper

The tears

Of your heart, the outer layer


Faith itself breaking swords

each morning

laying in my bed

threads of love



human-I guessed

caring for my wounds

in my hands


A Walk

Mortal Man

put your hands over my shoulders and walk with me

no predefined route

of words, no need

I know why, and so do you

Reaching for the soul, is not just it

kissing, just the tip

understanding happens underneath

reach for the heavens with me

undo the undone


Night & Day


Many are the tears he weeps

no more love, only shadows

the whispering settling down

in the soul’s hungry mind

lonely place, timeless time

rolling away, without asking why



Emerging from a blackout

like an angel brightening the day

Having lived through the night

when doubts and ghosts arise

Here to stay, alone, welcoming life



In your eyes, I dress

Bareness is no longer a luxury wandering in a fancy hotel or unrecognized rooms

No longer appetite of emptiness in the middle of the night

No longer the stop of endless drinks

Is in my house, waiting for you


In your eyes, I see

What is out there waiting for me?


When I hear your voice is more than a sound that penetrates the skin

When I look at your eyes and the curve in your lips

More than lies, I see

Beautiful, are you a dream?

The Rain

The rain brings down the clouds

And like flowers, I am for once allowed

To touch them, with my bear hands

And hear their soft sound

The rain has a magic tone

It sings

From the heart to happy days

It leaves sadness behind

And brings out, of nature, of us, the best

It must have been raining when I was born

Because when it rains, I do not feel alone

The little sparrow

Just when I thought I could not carry more sadness

Lose any more friends

Just when my soul entered the deep

Never ending silence

Feeling the devil’s door cracking

I could not resist

Walking away, forever into madness

Just when I reached places

I have not been before

I see a little flower

I hear a little sound crossing the threshold

Singing to my lonely heart

Everlasting, glamorous, love songs

So little, so full of joy

The little sparrow, singing aloud

How did I miss you before?

Wealth of the heart

A man

Carries a stick that blooms flowers even for those who cannot see

A tongue that never says a word

To wound a human heart

A soul without creatures to hunt

Not worry about climbing high

Living of tenderness and an ever-present humble sound

Lost and loved

And all in between

A Man that makes of a place a home

With a blink of an eye

With the touch of his lips

A Man who does not pretend to be, it is

And then, it is you, with a deceiving angel face

Sucking of life every joy

And then is you, whom I love not

And just by accident, crosses my path


Even perfection wants to be recognized

The butterfly, whishes a longer life

My mind in the pillow dreaming of dreams afar

Even the child builds its own throne

And without fear crawl, walk, run

Just for a chance to meet life

The trees need to be tall

Right out the womb, reaching for the light

And you beautiful and wild

Hiding in the woods

Talking to the birds

Flying with the wind

Refusing of life’s fountain a drink

Claiming of nature’s all shades

Growing loneliness everyday


The earth and the sky

You, saying too much

Me,  saying nothing at all

Like a child, lost in the world

Grasping of the light, a first glimpse

 Like a wild animal

Almost strangled, barely conceived

Breaking the links

Breaking the links

Always clumsy

Mumbling lips

Say a word or two

Start a fight

Then run, and run, and run

 And hide

Mumbling lips only open to scream

Scream, so often without a hint

Of the world moving around you

Of the wanting kiss

Like a butterfly hopping

Or a rabbit leaps

And the other heart reaching out, always wishing

To get near, to shy away your grief

 Mumbling lips

Breaking the links

Crippled by the cold weather and an empty heart

Abandon this ancient war

Mumbling lips

No more black words

Better use your silence

Before your world becomes nothing

And life, rides in the wind


Fallen from grace

And at mi age

Reduced to shadows

Overused words

Momentary pleasures

Helpless sorrow

Condemned to be taken, far away

In the wings of the sparrow

Without a fight, without rage

To the calm or furious waves

Like a mother or a spouse  

Extending the arms, without questioning the wait

Blinded by fear

Blinded by fear

Pushed to a corner

I see the raising water

Dissolving my tears, one by one

 Covering my eyes

Or my heart

Is no longer enough

Playing chess with my life



Crushing any feelings

Will only tear us apart

 Although, blinded by fear

Lifted for a moment

Like a phoenix taking flight


Holding on to the light

Just getting by

Only in the low twenties today

No sunshine (again)

Migraine headache pondering

Complete dismembering

Like an ancient bridge

Weakening, crumbling at the edge of the cliff

The mind is not running, no time for memories

The light turning gray

Returning to its own shadow

Life carrying away without me

The sound of some music ringing in my ears

Refusing to find a coherent rhythm

It is only nine a clock and I am just getting by

But I have found my way back to you

Speak out

Let your voice be heard

And your heart be seen

Speak out

Even when you are not sure of the outcome

 When you do not know (by heart) your own sound

Or who is listening (judging) on the other side

Give your tongue some movement

Let it roll through a few pages

Of the morning news that has yet to come out

Speak out

And worry only about being truthful and fair

Inciting in others a hint of doubt


Speak out

About love and peace

But do not shout

Truth is gentle

It falls into the heart

Without the need to be loud

At your fingertips

 The body aches and the heart cries

 Like a dancer on the stage

 Keeping her grace, to the audience bows

 The body aches like a shipwreck

 And your memory sailing

 Waking my underwater sounds


There are oceans of tenderness, yet to be found

 The heart cries

 Oh, it cries so loud!

 Is no longer haunted or crucified

 No longer drowning in unanswered feelings

 No more gates, no more locks

 No more faceless lover that gives and takes when bored, when needing refuge from the crowds

 It was just yesterday, that you were at my fingertips

 And today barefooted

From my heart, into my skin

 body ache clasping down