Monthly Archives: May 2012

Eyes closed

Behind closed doors

A soft hello-no need of battle

Unconscious understanding-symphonic surge

In the dark, Muses, music make


In the dark

Guided by heavy breathing -and soft touch

Under the new moon- ungodly birth

Dark silver, I bled


Dark silver

Trembling ecstasy- of me, every inch wet

Mad science these desires

Wide open earth


Wide open earth

Essence of innocence, standing on the edge

This tender breeze casting

My eyes, into your forest escape


My eyes

Purple soul, mirror of my age

When all nymphs have left

Half-borne romance, you know it best


In the dark, dark silver, wide open earth…

My eyes, waning hours, rest



The soul retains its nurturing nature

His loneliness cannot be touched, cannot be disturbed

It finds fulfillment in its own depth

It dares and bears, the nameless with grace


Emptiness, harmony of the whole

Of richness never exhausted

without words

Emerging from the dark hours

Aloud, this silence, speaks storms


To lives, bearing the fruits and wine

Throbbing heart, earth’s calm

Rupture desperate clung

On the Road

His trail of warm rushing blood, sometimes not enough

His leaves must fall, aimless to the balm that bonds

Eager sings his prayers a mockingbird

A yellow bee fills his cup


An exhaling sound, a rain storm, accompanies the undressed love

Wind, stampede, meadows’ scent

A kiss on her cheeks, Vessel to his soul

A wanderer bent-but not lost


Of words-ridden

Pride-fallen on untraveled road

Haunted this freedom, no more


Filled with tears, dark eyes in need of rest

Pain numbed, Love spilled

Thorn rose, pale flesh


My hands, quick net

Catching of your rivers, raindrops

Night I enter, as I let go


From the insanity of my eyes

Flames of love I gasped


Eclipsed, the other half

Consider this

Time exists- miles away

In an untouched fairy land- candles of a memory properly lost

Loneliness’ seeds I seek-in a broken heart

In the sound of the trees-the wings of a butterfly

Creation and separation-serenity in my palms

Life happens in a day-Love never dies


As I read your words, a smile soften my face

They illuminate my heart, my day in this shallow land

There is a nostalgic touch and a sense of calm

Not reinventing and realigning the world or thoughts

Just letting the music of your silence freely fly


Your words are not surrounded by conciliations

Rooted under a wide sun with wide clouds

Bound only to a true spirit who his own shadow, his own river; follows

Leaving and returning with each tide, unmarked

Afternoon grace

Do not let the horses be misguided

As we ride along

Keep your eyes on the road


There is a part of me

That does not want to be seen

Not free, without a Home


There is a part of me

Beneath all the silent and all the words

That wants to drink and drink

From your waterfall


Blue, deep blue eyes

Chasing water drops in the rain


Overcoming, this sudden rush

From head to shoulders, arms, heart, all

Pain and ecstasy of knowing


In silence

Aching, wittingly, you are

Distance, is only a breath away…


Lost, among the voices and the sand

I failed to see the snow

These things, my flaws

The poet

Lights and shadows, a dance

Under a flickering candle

The poet writes

As dawn arrives, a click, a simple post

The letting go of a child

A bird whispers and flies away

A poem, with a life of its own

The poet dies


Until the next time…


Not enough, a rainbow and clouds

To touch this soul

You must fly, let go, find home in this mouth


I will bathe, in the sun and its shadows

I will wait for the “true” you

Surge and knife, in the same cloud


Quiet being, a red rose

Queen of my garden

Silk afloat


And sage

Reminding me it is not too late

To climb the mountain and return as new life unfolds


And lavender

A gray day dressed

Scent, the color of love


This tongue would never tell
Its fire burns my words
She smiles and plays
Characters hidden between the walls

Soaring in the mountain’s rain
Ache and dance
No words, but thoughts, always thoughts
Is it not, all the same?


Wines of seduction

Thirsty heart, a ship that sails

On a hilltop, waving Death


Here, where you belong

Full bloomed

Standing alone

Beautiful without praise

Long overlooked by painters’ brush

Unspoken words, a poet’s soul