Monthly Archives: June 2012


No omens, no bitterness, no more wasted time
A tree growing under the sun
Flourishing with the moonlight
An ocean that never sleeps
A soul embracing its flight



All night long
on your wings
wakening desire


Caress me with your words and your silence
step into my skin
and gently slither through my veins
and embrace me outwards, like rising waters
like dancing fire as the sun fades
no need of shyness, when you enter my openness
this love, will guide you to the soul
with all its longings
like the first time, submerged
just be prepared
and without restrains
this love is not half-love
it goes through you
with a smell of rain
unable to quench its thirst


It happens!

Eros abandoned my body
and placed shadows in my hands
Petals on the clouds
Life in reverse

Ode to my island

Anguish has come to this heart
And settled for a while
Still hanging on to an old picture
And looking out the window
As if waiting for a sign

We are not the same
We have grown old, sad
Distant from each other perhaps
I don’t sing and dance like I used to
When the summer rain gushed down the street carrying the smell of dirt for a while
Or the salty breeze of your shore accompany me on my afternoons walk

Your seawall is falling down
And I am told, seagulls are flying south now
Your face, synonymous of long gone luxury
Allegoric music calling ancestors always wearing white

Very few friends stayed behind
I, among many, carry your sorrows wherever we are

Oh, my dear island
I can’t remember the last time
You and I
Sat in the corner coffee shop
Or under the old cider tree by the park
Do you remember island of my heart?


Today, I find no shelter, no shelter do I want

My heart wide open, aroused

Hurting and hurting

No reasons or arguments

Additions to the flow

Of yesterday’s landscape


Outstretched, my arms

And my shadows awaken from happiness’ pantomime


…Shadows of grief on the darkest sky sketching death…

The edge of…

Binding closeness is not forever

It is a simple earthquake, which happens in my silence

While my wings look for asylum

Under unlike flames


My silence and my wings are not infinitely framed

They are a long night of desire

With colours and music, harvesting of confusion, the edge


Each day, we have each other, only to lose each other at sunset

This old bridge, bends and words submerge

The best love

The best love
frees you to be
hold you when you quiver
wait for your return when you walk away

The best love
does not choke, imprison or claim ownership
does not push you down to help you stand up
does not cover your eyes, or cut off your wings

The best love
does not enjoy your pain, stab you, or frighten you
the best love is sincere, even when it hurts
you will know the best love, when you love yourself


Hanging by a golden thread

The moon

Catching my fall


Insomniac, suffering, shadows, drowning

Scattered, immersed, unlocked, silent

Enlighten, humble, moaning, injured

Resilient, taking, flowering, giving

Languid, consumed, thirsty, brighten


On my way out…

Warmth is my nest, as the storm dies down

Yellow leaves, tumbling across open fields

Water dripping on my dark cave



Powdered earth, wreath of green

Wakeful view, welcoming my birth

Like a sea, the sun gently touches my cheek

And opens Love’s gate


An unopened flower smiles, and offers its colours to light

As it reaches upwards

Her breast, enfolding fire

The mystery of life, Blessed!

Of Desire-One look

Drops on foliage
Flashing light reflecting
White lace

Quietly descending

Into the soul, spring

A new coming of age

I set out to find

Your love in a wave, a sunset, sand

I pushed my heart up to the sky and effortlessly landed in your arms

Downwards into the opening of your soul

My dearest thoughts, of Love new heights

Fear of fear numbed for once

Glad to be home at last

Life and Death-eternal dance

A different scent, you and I

Yet, so close as mother and child

I move with the breeze in the trees

I hear their call

And cover my soul with their leaves

Just before sunrise

I whisper in your sleep to the silence in your heart

And you, Oh! You, waiting for my wine

Oh! This love feels so light, so right, and so free

Who is to say it is “you” and “I” and not “we”


The snowflake loves summer

Wearing her brand new dress

She fall into morning dew

And melts


A new love, by the water silently cries

Tenderly it conquers

With each breath, her dark eyes


From this ancient stem

Leaves do not fall the same way

Or in the same place

Atrium view-69

They move unaware of my eyes

Or my prayers

Their bodies move, but not their hearts

And I wonder if reaching out

If getting close enough to feel each other’s breath

Will reveal their music, their hearts’ flame

Or mine?


From above, I see

A hue of colors, unsynchronized dance

A cold breeze reaching the shadows

Trees and water bleeding in silence

Life, in monotony trapped


In some ways, some days, I too; move with them

Unaware of her prayers, carrying a wounded sunset

Life’s rewards

Drunk, I am

From beauty’s dawn

Down pouring into this soul

Settling her wings in this hand


Divine, equally deserving is the night

And your silence

Which forms, golden rings, ripples in the sky

Thoughts, entering my skin, Love growing eyes

Drunk, I am