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This new dimension of love is unfolding
And I am disoriented
A new wine, pouring red

P.S. Thanks for the introduction to Rumi


To Friendship

And let there be no purpose in friendship
save the deepening of the spirit.
-Khalil Gibran-

True friendship begins
when words are not adorned
when the heart is wide open
Like a boiling spring
Without hidden storms
Visible, the light of soul

I am water…

This morning, I got dressed, and put on some make up
Purposely wearing green, not to impress, but to breathe
Got in the car, and drove…do not know if fast or slow
At work, I was told about my pretty dress
And life, for a moment took a second row seat
Am I mad, how could I?

My heart stayed home, feeling the trees grow, making music with the birds; resting on the grass
This afternoon, I got home, undressed and ran
Into life’s arms, into Love

In his book, “The Natural Alien”, Neil Evernden describes trees as “…[T]he center of a force field to which water is drawn”

He suggests when we focus our attention only on the physical forms of living creatures, (i.e., a tree’s bark, the color and shape of its leaves, my dress) we miss life’s essence. As a living “thing” we should also consider, what the tree (and everything else) does and how it does it. The use of the term Human as “Natural Alien” is in this case is quite appropriate.

I am water…

Stroke by beauty and love

I do not know when I was born
The first person I saw
Who told me who I am?
Life was given to me
The unfolding took, not one month or two
It has taken years
And will continue (hopefully for many more)

When I first climbed out of bed
Death looked at me and smiled
I watched Her dark face and deep eyes
And understood her longings
She loved me and bled
The birth of a new dawn
Away from her hands
Rising to my lips
A river

I am a river
Silk touch from my hands
Fire from my dreams
Passion from my heart
Mist in my eyes
On my lips: Breath

I am Her
Walking distant lands
Holding Life in my hands

I am Her
As I die, a little bit more
Each day
Wrapped under two moons
Leaving and returning

I will be Her
Until I become Love
No longer twofold
And in his arms
Undress my travels

A walk…

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk
Hugged a tree
And it hugged me back!


The worth of madness…
… Having your words in my silence

Barricades aside – a slash on the moon

How can one show, if one is inspired by love?
waking up knowing nothing
pain against throat triggering
the only God you have known
leaving footprints in your heart
but your heart is already gone
glancing with his gentle eye
armed only with clay
and soul
building an invisible bridge
of being between half and whole

Let silence -be

Silence arrived
And took hold of me
Oh! I am in no need of words to tell you how I feel

You have been there before, and after a few words between us
You could see
I am willing, but not ready
You are ready, but not for me
Let’s then not make much fuss
And allow this silence

One day, I will be ready
And you, you will be, like always
Unfolding within
One day the surge will take us to the same shore
And with eyes closed, hearts open
We will properly meet

On Poetry

My verse is not in my mouth
On my lips
On my pen
On my fingertips
It thrives in my dreams and in your sounds
It does not have a quote or a deadline
It comes and goes like smoke, like clouds
Or the mist at dawn
I discovered, I like my verse best; when it burst into tears
And knocks me down
Wide open rips my chest
Wiping everything and everybody else out
Not conscious of time
When it comes, delightfully I surrender without struggle


A solitary wanderer
Kneeling by the beach
Soul gathering hour

Into a new dawn – Heart first

When I think of you, nothing else exist
You are more than a reflection in the waters of my dreams
Covering and rediscovering Innocence and madness in me

I am with you
In the deep
With you I am
Volcanic violence happening within

My existence, yours
your love weaving my heart without speech
your light, the light I see
Your scent, the air I breathe

I am, you
In a delirious song, each day consumed


Extremely moving when I saw you cry
—- Mourning the absence of the poet
—- I would have never imagined you had the voice, the soul of a poet
—- That you were the poet yearning for his own return
Exhausted by the night, by the longings
—- With broken wings
—- Travelling from constellation to constellation
—- Singing mysterious songs
Extremely exhausted by the sycamore, the poet, scattering pandemic of love


The water in the lake
Carrying summer’s clouds
Inviting lovers to come down


Cut in half the magic of
silent dialogue
The cruelty of no poems, downpours


After a long voyage, it finally approaches your shore
Without boundaries
Skin, eyes, hearts and words
Almost dawn
Almost on the edge of nothingness
Loaded with joy and grief
The ship of life


Playing heart’s music
The moon sailing
What do I know?


If words could replace pain
Like hitting delete in a keyboard
I pray for my life to be key-less
…in a world of things, I cannot name
…in a world of words, I cannot say


The skies wearing red
to mislead your shadow
and you, dressed in white
by the sea
raising with each breath, waves
healing wounds with your kiss
breaking into silence
sowing stars
blooming dawn
within me anchored
nothing stops you
nothing reminds you
of other flows
here, in the deep sea; only to Love

Full display

Alongside this unrestrained body rests
my naked truths
dissolving with morning light
the sweat of my skin, my eternal rain, dreams


is in my hands