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Over the city…

To take away
In the nudity of night



City of mirrors, today I find
Everywhere I look
Vertical dreams
Doors closed
And souls
Eclipsed by the storms
Of unending artifices
Rituals of forgetfulness
Massacred by the landscape of time


The music in you
infallible shadows
of a Woman
Buried in the sky

Water that abides
Tremor and rapture

The music in you
Blind, febrile
Singing to the night

Waterway Crossing

In the horizon, your name
With the setting sun
From a lonely window
Deep sigh


The ocean has no form
Or free will
Or lips
The ocean is not light’s source
Yet, it is essence and it is bright
Its kiss – sultry and warmth
It comes and goes giving and taking to the shore – life
The ocean is in my tears
It is you, and me, and all

Language of Heart

In the heart of this poem
I am a woman
In love, loved

The listener

Immeasurable gift, carrying your pain
Your silence and joy
Your purest being
Pouring on me
The rhythm of ages

For you I sing
With you I sing
The unseen best

Nights and days
Spreading your wings
Across the shoreless seas
Your voice
Gently carved
On this endless heart
On this endless night


Inspired by:


Distant blue, island of love
On my wounds pours
Wind, rain and sun
Darkens my reds
Lighten my blindness
Colors my fate

If I must die, bury me
Where the trees weep
Where only lovers, know about depth

Soul Making- dissolving the ego

“It is egoistic to recognize oneself only in one portion of a tale, cast only in one role…Only when things fall apart do they open up into new meaning”

James Hillman  Re-Visioning Psychology


When you close your eyes, night arrives
Fire is free of mundane
As it enters Heart


What can words assert, that heart has not already felt?


It is late
    My tears fall
    Maybe they will find refuge
In your eyes
    In your lips
    In the abyss of your unspoken words
On your skin

Maybe you will hear my whispers
   The pulsing of my heart
   My tears fall
   And with them
The truth that the heart has not cried


With a kiss
All your secrets revealed


I recognize your silhouette and your unsteadiness on night’s edge
from life to death, from death to life
in a single embrace, with a simple breath
i fall in love
you fall in love
again and again
in my subconscious, i write your name
imprint your body in mine
just in case, at dawn
i have no eyes left

– with love, to my husband-

Love making

Under the full moon
A song without ending – “meet me”
Let’s open flowers with our thirst

serene moon

I am the wind caressing your skin
The clouds hiding the sun
For an instant
I am light in your darkness
In your dreams a faceless lover
Presence, when you wake


Without aim, a poem unfolds
not one more, or one less; but yours

Where you love from…

“In your light I learn how to love
In your beauty, how to make poems
You dance inside my chest where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art”

It is raining abundance
And I am, in need of all


Two moons
Love opens her mouth
And swallow

On the edge

Sharing and merging happens
In two different places, different ways