Monthly Archives: September 2012


Rising to the summit
The sound of harmony
Stars redrawing the skies in their travel
In this lonesome forest
No Gods at the table
Drinking purple nectars
Only kindness, softness, wisdom, and silence
Coming down to kiss
The orchard, the vineyard, the mountains, and the seas
Astonished by this wholeness
Spheres, worlds, and an ancient tree
Holy echo
A falling leaf
And two
And three
Holy echo
A falling being
Coming down to kiss



Your eyes invented light
And hidden passages to curl up in winter nights
While a velvet melody
In a distant mountain

Morning Beauty

The rose, turned into a butterfly
Gathering new colors in mid-fly


Let (this) Love be
Good and evil
Let (this) Love be
What it is
One drop…

Dog’s love

A dog, straight into the night sings
I am a wolf…


In the absence of words
The richness of living
Another day
To fall in love with your soul

-to b-


I was born in the land of your fire
My heart, adorned by leaves
Bathed in the warmth rain
From your island of love
A flower
Gently falls
In the mouth of abyss

Notes to my serenity – 1

Time does not preserve life, just because existence it claims

-Give me pain, without restrain-
Without telling me where it comes from or when

This sort of things

Writing a goodbye note
Inside her chest

There is a sudden agony
Piercing life at her epicenter
Some things have no name

She knows best

She speaks of hardships
Of love and grief
Of pursuing everlasting peace
Of a prince, uttering elegant words
To summon his beloved princess

Of mornings filled with hot coffee and unmade beds
Of hands, entangled in the softness of her breast

Of summer mist, wrapped in warm reds
Of fallen leaves, longing for winter’s cold breeze

She speaks of labyrinths
Of blue moons, overshadowed by the fog
Of lights, wide as the sky
Of green fields
Of music and flowers and thorns
Of rivers’ thirst
Of isolated deserts
Of ocean’s surge
Of death and rebirth

Nature knows best
When she places
In you and me
On the blanket of Earth
Her tender caress

Migrating birds

Fruit and seed
Rebirth of flower

As I enter this undefined trail
Night, with her cold breeze
Enters my flesh

The moon transforms – two absences into one

With open arms the Ocean embrace

My gift to you

Autumn Rain….falling

I look for you
in undefined verbs
in each caress
in the eyes of shameless lovers
in their longings
in the dew
the scent of a wildflower
that intoxicates my thirst

Sometimes you are
the heavy step

you are rain falling in my window
quieting the roar of the wind
beating in my heart
of silence

Even on my darkest hour – you are light
On my thirsty mouth- rain


To the immensity of the ocean, to you, I return
Love, has taken the last of my leaves
I am, no more

-with love, to my b-

Nostalgia – 1

Growing flames
Beyond distances
Without naming names

The voice of water calling
My hands
To hold your hands

My lips, have not forgotten
The language of his

Healing Sounds

So many pieces of me
Scattered across the vast sky
Of souls
One step here
There a heartbeat
A gift
Simplicity of silence
Quietly hovering over my thoughts


The bird, has become cage, steel bars are his veins
Yet, freedom he claims
No more inertia of life
No more oppressed songs
Across the sky he flies
To her boundless breath


Night speaks
Of origins

A white note

within you, love forgets
it shelters and undresses

from imprisonment, breaks
the sadness
consuming evenings’ reds


There I was – lost
In the secluded journey of your smile
In the lighting and thunder
Of your flow
In the quietness of your voice
In your skin of amaranth
In your daily routine
And in your shadows
In my most intimate bareness
A new frequency of love

Free flow of

Flavored in the clouds