Monthly Archives: October 2012

This is not a poem

Just a silk strand, full of kisses
Wrapped around the moon of your eyes


Converse reality

Upwards this time
Immersed in the canvas of your sky


A fountain’s flow resembles understanding
The more you drink, the further you get from its source
Clarity conceals truth from itself


Light’s barrier?
Fear – of open eyes


Everything tells me not to drink
Just because I am thirsty
and the crystalline water
my eyes and my lips are tempting
everything tells me not…


Dear Ocean,

You are the holder of my dreams
The bearer of my soul
It is you, in silence and in roars, holding life – my life in a cup
For just this once
Could you shelter me from the storm?

GL – love

White approach

The first snowflake of the season
Falling on my chest
With its ashen lips
Asphyxiating feelings

All is left
Tears and a howl
In my hands, a wilted rose


Gazing at the moon appeasing high tides
Of solitude
A lonely nightingale
With broken wings
In her heart, dreams!


If I could read
Each verse written in your skin
Each lament in the pages of time spent with(out) you
If I could
Turn down the walls of your solitude
And enter your house full
Of ignorance and inner peace
Ride the nights of illusions by dreamers built
Fly over the memories in your chest carved
By tears of deceit
If I
Look in the mirror and see me
Becoming each fragment of you
Will be


The night quiets down my sense of entrapment
It brings me heart

Brief existence

A water drop melting as it reaches your skin
Gentle breeze, taking my breath away as I inhale love – deep
A word, escaping your lips
Sometimes lost
In auxiliary verbs
In senseless sentences
In your thoughts



…One drop and another,
One step and another,
One heartbeat and another…

Immensity of blue
-I can’t stop-

The Poet – 2

The sounds of the night entered her mind
Under the dimmed light of a table lamp
Seeking refugee from the stigmas of time
Eluding the erosion of hearts
Muddled in the mundane of life

She thinks…

Maybe tonight, I will be able to scare the ghosts
Of doubts and fears
Maybe tonight, I will redraw anguish
Show some mercy, be fragile, overwhelmed
In your arms

She writes…

In pursue of love
Only love stories by others told survive

She thinks…

The fortune of the misfortune, I cry
Maybe tonight our love will flourish beyond
My death
And yours
Magic words or time

Maybe tonight, I will write just for you
Or just for the endless night
Maybe it does not matter
Because at dawn
This poem will not be yours or mine

The heart of dreams entered her mind
Asleep, she falls…

Notes to my serenity

When you speak, I unfold
Words become
River-making songs

A white note…

The secret of being is not single-handedly in need off the darkness
Light also needs darkness to unveil and flourish.


To the wind

I am a shipwreck
To eternal becoming

Voices (carried by winter’s echoes)

I am a passing thought
An instant in red
A world without yesterday

Red Sunset

In ancient time
The sun descended
Entered our skin and drank from our blood
Since then, it turns red at nightfall
Silently confessing his love


A lover reaching for the forbidden
Marveled at its own burning
Implosion of love on his face
Drew a smile

Stormy night

Don’t speak of unknown latitudes
On nights in which you are mostly longings