Monthly Archives: December 2012


When you open your eyes
I am no longer optimistic
I do not run away
I dissolve
In your music


Silhouette – 1

Broken, her sea-shell
Heartless she stretches her hands
Reaching for the garden of time
Lips embossing fire, making the Night fade


When the language of love settles in this soul
To blossom and flower
A thousand flames flow in the waves
Of raising waters

Whispers – 8

Staring at the window for so long
I do not know anymore…
Is it fear or awe?

Nostalgic Beauty

Break me open
Waterfall of sadness
Let me lose my sanity

Whisper – 7

Seek not, the fruits of eternal spring

A moon weaving love

Underneath all the layers of my skin
Below the surface of my dreams
And the smile of my dawns
Trapping light within

I am vulnerable, like you

My simplicity is seed
The chalice and the sea
My love is awaken and in oneness flows
Leaving me helplessly full of joy

It is through this gift
Of the unseen and unknown
Love cascading love
That we are reborn
The moon, melting unfolds
Hearts signing love songs
Made of words that do not exist
Drinking fragrant wines
Without lips

Animal-like surrender

I want to tear my heart
For loving you… so out of style

Bold, informal, without rules



How to explain your eyes?


Deepening this soul
And yet
Comfort I seek in vain

Shedding away
My loneliness
Love so deep; “I” forgets
Feel my pulse, my weariness, my ruin
My earth

In peaceful dwellings

A veces

En la curva de mis labios de piedra
Se quedan
Dormidas tu palabras

Whispers – 6

Droplets of solitude
Shine without conceit
Shine upon me
Watercolors, mist

Vivid notes
Darks and blues
That only silence can induce

Shine upon me
Like thunder seeping
Ripples of you

In the darkness
Shine upon me…

As I watch you grow
Raising from the shadows underneath
Measuring my breaths
By the length of your solitude


Ecstasy of tears
roar of silence
loudly claiming
the light in all flames
the flower of desires
without you
Love becomes a restless whisper
incoherent world
winter’s blizzard that gradually
each of my sighs
Each of my hopes

Cry me; cry me, until I fall
Into the darkness of silence

Cover your skin with my sadness

To love and to die: this is the hour…


Someday, at the edge of time
Of sanity
Words will be, just that…

Whispers – 5

In my heart grows an ivy vine
Hopelessly, I try to guide its destiny

Winter notes – 3

The eyes of silence, softly caressing light, in anticipation of a new dawn
Inhale me!

Winter notes – 2

“it doesn’t much matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle;
when the sun comes up, start running.”
-African proverb-