Monthly Archives: April 2013


Moons of light
bright colors diluting the grays
spring arriving with its diamond glaze
and away from the ordinary the dance of a solitary swan
keeps me awake…


With you…

I listen and descend
To the deepest corner
Take me down with each of your breaths
Forget courage and sense
Like pollen in a flower
Rain on earth

If we must be
Let us be a garden and a rainbow
Without end


In the low tide of life
The moon becomes

On Love…

And I am that, without edges and shadows
Dancing freely across the open sky
Kissing mountains and rivers
In the craziness of nights
And I am that, the music of believers
The fullness of hearts
Resting between the new born tulips
A whisper, a solitary laugh…


Full of imperfections, you drift
Weaving a world of fantasy
Masking hearts with your still, untouched, venomous ink

Blooming season

Echoes of innocence
Caressing morning’s approach
Humbled, happy birds
Thirsty flowers of dawn
Lovers daring to dream
Moon reflecting in your eyes
Releasing new enigmas


Where the trees kiss the wind farewell
fully awaken, the depths of a hungry soul
fire is born
the silence within
offering prayers.