Monthly Archives: May 2013


I have seen your pain and fragile smile
Holding on to autumn leaves
Afraid of the force contained within
Oh! Love, transformation is not your thing…

I have felt the hurricane brewing in your heart
And your vague attempt to ignore-it
Afraid of revealing the real you
A wave of tenderness
A bird, in a cage wanting to be free

Laboring a few words as it they were the glue
Holding the scent of your dreams
The past that was not, and the future it could be…
Oh! Love, transformation is not your thing…
You are the house of lovers and poets and dreams…



I have no direction, just the wind’s blow
The smell of your skin
If I lose myself within time’s frost
If I become,
Maybe it was meant to be
Letting go… just to be [with] you

On love…

I can only offer you my hands
The space and silence between Darkness and Light
A soft cry
Entangled with dreams
The sound of water on my skin
Awakening a thunder of joy and fear
The rhythm of love unfolding
An ocean on each grain of sand

-to bb-

The beauty of your garden

Wrapped in your quietness
You seduce me
We enter, the healing light
Music, the whisper of silence

our world

Grinding the earth
Tearing life with endless appetite