Monthly Archives: June 2013


Water dilutes my essence
And the fears of the unknown
Water, fierce-less burn
Unwritten laws
It is to you, I whisper
It is you, whom I love



I am a deeply wounded storm
Caressing your hopes
Your bitterness and fears
The secrets of your soul
No-one before
Has ever been so close
Close enough
to catch me on the air as I fall
Breathing life into me
When weeping and tired
I surrender – a lover no more
Downstream, let us flow
Free, unknown
A mountain of silence
A river of insanity
A whispering song


In the beauty of water
Eyes-of Love full
Making-me a moon!

Whisper 24

Waiting for a kiss

Simple as this…

I look at the visible life forever still
a life that never goes or comes
outside the tide of fear
folded, like an autumn leave
about to fall into an eternal drip
of colours, light and darkness, death and rebirth
revealing its most beautiful nudity
learning to live
this new life
away from the judging eyes of “we”
i look at the invisible life of “me”
forever free

Whisper 23

I was born from the roots of love
from a velvet flower
a kiss
spiraling out of control

like a river I grew
a poem
longing to meet
the mountains’ winds
snowflakes’ heartbeat
a silent night of summer
full of stars and hope

forget all languages
all carefully carved love-words
the sky is just enough to carry my dreams
and melt stone-heart souls

Whisper 22

Of all possible ways
You could choose to enter my dreams
Sadness was much bitter-sweet

whisper 21

Those “things” we call our own- only to caring souls truly belong.


The flower will burst into full bloom
lifting all constrains
caressing the obscured
path of forgetfulness
At the single touch of her hand
all will be well again


I slowly dissolve in your mouth without vanishing
Castaway every minute of your day
In the vastness of your ocean
Droplets of hope rebirth


The man talking to the moon with only his breath
Does not have a piece of me-but my whole
Broken and rebuilt in one everlasting night of joy
In his kingdom of rain and perfumed mist
He swore not to ever be
Half again day-night, calm-storm
As I lay on his lips and get absorbed
Wandering on unknown worlds
Someone at the other end of this life-like dream
Will reach
Not for a part of a dream by others dreamed
But for a simple
…I am here, say nothing at all…cry softly my love and be
Love for others to hold on….