Monthly Archives: April 2014


Even when I don’t have time… when pain un-carves my ribs
And the moon hides
Her face in tears soaking the silence of my lips
When the night pours tenderness on all darkened souls
Waiting for dawn to be free
Even then I dissolve in the ocean of my grief
Feel the wet air waking my every pore
My bare skin
A blanket of old merging with new



I care not to dream of blue doors and yellow fields
They were at best memories of a moment no longer exists
And yet, the harder I try the easier it is…
Going home with the summer breeze
Kept me sane, fragile, still
Absent the moon, I stared at the sun afraid of secret things
Watched the birth of darkness with its light within
Breathing uncontainable fire, the smells of your lips
The taste of your lips
Those, I cannot resist…


I cannot breathe… when you get close to me
You change the shape of my lungs, the ability of my lips