Monthly Archives: July 2014


i blossom
aches and pains
roots, riverside deep
a flowing canvas of happy dreams

i dream
of a wanderer’s love

i feel
raindrops melody
claiming rebirth
the earth in my soul spins

arms waiting to hold
this fragile being

steady heartbeat
midnight love


afternoon calm

It is not a matter of time or words that can console, redeem, lift or let you down
I don’t need any of that…
Just a glimpse of your sadness when we are not together, the happiness engraved in your heart when all else falls apart

You need nothing but sunshine, the moon, a gentle breeze and an unseen smile
A soft whisper of coffee calling your name just as the waves bring forgotten treasures to life

You and I… a kiss, across different worlds and spaces celebrating
Letting go of everything others hold
Another shade of love ghostly floating, burning away in the dark