Monthly Archives: August 2014

for a moment…

Inscribed on this tired and wrinkled skin,
my faith
drowns the sorrow of what could have been

we are more than footsteps
or words casting a spell
more than a simple dream that disperse as the day breaks
we are the silhouette
of a different Being
in every shore
ocean deep
the laborious or freeing feeling
of every breath



I know you heard it a million times before, with different smells and flavors. I know a word is never written unintentionally… there is always a thought preceding every bit of who we are, even when we attempt to dissolve into nothingness and reach the point where we are no more.


And here, at this moment, this is my intention…


Thank you for the peace and the rumble, the happiness and the agony
For the idea of having something and nothing at all
For the chance to know your intentions without knowing you
For the words that breaks the day and the thought that agitates my silence
Thank you for the distance and the fortune of not having you, as it gives me the freedom of waking up to contemplate your beauty without being a shadow.

At the end of the road

He has mistaken her tears for weakness
The flowing sadness of humanity for natural
Sunrise and sunsets for cycles
He has forgotten
That skin and eyes can become paralyzed
And heart beats like a borrowed moon peeking through the clouds


Painted words

Unnecessary silk

Wrapping her white skin

Not her soul


Once in a while,
He unfolds
Reaches out to the world
a simple word
a whisper of joy
Keeps him apart from the ordinary self
Revealing his true gift
And love

Once in a while,
He is strong
To close this eternal distance
With the untold

surrender 2

I cannot convey all my sadness within the lines of my ramblings
Or the senseless rain of thoughts cascading through and against all reasoning
This is not madness, I am not losing it
I am simply grasping
The depths of your reach
Carrying me away from my shades of dissolution
Your tenderness, bleeds me
No footsteps, voices or shadows
I am at a breaking point…
Earthly peace coming home


Summer drift
the smell of you
arriving with the wind
no one else to give
the memories of guilt

“It should have been me,
or another day,
i was not a good listener,
i wandered off,
when I should have stayed”

I spoke the words you needed to hear
in the silence of my screams
that day
when the pouring down rain
smothered the sounds of my love
and weakened your strength