Monthly Archives: September 2014


I see you crumble
Again and again…I try to learn a way
To follow your footsteps
Hoping that one day
I could anticipate
And become the wave that catches you
And without effort places you on the other side of the shore… home, safe.



I will rest my eyes…if just for a second
And image myself being a candle extinguishing under the moonlight
I flicker, I struggle, and in the end; I’m undertaken to the magic of the night
Filtering a lot more than light

In the corner of my heart

My hands cannot stop playing music freely or quietly
They learned your way of wandering
Every move of your favourite dance


He and only he, can bring tears of joy to my deepest dream
Overwhelming sadness as he makes me aware of the cruelness nature of me, of us, human beings
He captures the pain for which I cannot find a scream
He awakens the numbness of not wanting to know beyond what we want to see
The blindness of what we do not want to be
The indifferent I, and us, and we.

-to c-