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Summer drift
the smell of you
arriving with the wind
no one else to give
the memories of guilt

“It should have been me,
or another day,
i was not a good listener,
i wandered off,
when I should have stayed”

I spoke the words you needed to hear
in the silence of my screams
that day
when the pouring down rain
smothered the sounds of my love
and weakened your strength



i blossom
aches and pains
roots, riverside deep
a flowing canvas of happy dreams

i dream
of a wanderer’s love

i feel
raindrops melody
claiming rebirth
the earth in my soul spins

arms waiting to hold
this fragile being

steady heartbeat
midnight love

afternoon calm

It is not a matter of time or words that can console, redeem, lift or let you down
I don’t need any of that…
Just a glimpse of your sadness when we are not together, the happiness engraved in your heart when all else falls apart

You need nothing but sunshine, the moon, a gentle breeze and an unseen smile
A soft whisper of coffee calling your name just as the waves bring forgotten treasures to life

You and I… a kiss, across different worlds and spaces celebrating
Letting go of everything others hold
Another shade of love ghostly floating, burning away in the dark

Shades of moonlight

Crippled, are my hands
Numb my desire to walk
Following the rhythm of a aching heart
The distant sound and curves of a city and a love refusing to die

Stillness inside
Memory perfectly fitting
Every valley and mountain
Every wave of her fury and tenderness
Every scar


Taking a deep, prolonged breath
Once more becoming
Shades of moonlight


I cannot breathe… when you get close to me
You change the shape of my lungs, the ability of my lips


I am but a fading thought
Running out of words…
A promise made to the perishable world
A tear of sorrow struggling not to fall


I have not broken any dreams
Or the heart that shadowed me
I simply capture the loneliness of your week
Randomly falling like autumn leaves
Your eyes stuck in a forever feel
A bitter smile
Trapped in mystic clouds

Stone and shoreline
Ghost of a time
Yet to be


I curl,
Hands on my knees
Liquid pain
Cold penetrating the skin
Voices in my head carrying sounds away
Across sunny fields
And oceans of dreams

Your lips,
Uttering a morning sweet
Dawn kissing me
Awaken to your eyes
Wanting to remain there
Dare not to breathe

How long…do you think?

at night…

I walk
The emptiness of time
And choose to burden no one

Otherness gasping for air
Love shadowing not far

One heartbeat apart
Gently meeting our souls

Whisper 24

The animal in me wanders free
endless mountains
and seashores
…the yellows and reds
cool nights of fall
rustling leaves
my preferred coat
 the animal in me
in silence holds
at sunset
waiting for dawn


Gently and long enough
I have fallen
Let us flow


I cling to your thirst
Like a river at the center of a summer storm
Warmth, fury, melting bloodstream, color palette
Overflowing heart at dawn’s break

to you

I walk on the rain
Casting off
my body of pain

And so do you…

Silence is no more
Distance – nothing but love


Water dilutes my essence
And the fears of the unknown
Water, fierce-less burn
Unwritten laws
It is to you, I whisper
It is you, whom I love


I am a deeply wounded storm
Caressing your hopes
Your bitterness and fears
The secrets of your soul
No-one before
Has ever been so close
Close enough
to catch me on the air as I fall
Breathing life into me
When weeping and tired
I surrender – a lover no more
Downstream, let us flow
Free, unknown
A mountain of silence
A river of insanity
A whispering song

Simple as this…

I look at the visible life forever still
a life that never goes or comes
outside the tide of fear
folded, like an autumn leave
about to fall into an eternal drip
of colours, light and darkness, death and rebirth
revealing its most beautiful nudity
learning to live
this new life
away from the judging eyes of “we”
i look at the invisible life of “me”
forever free


The flower will burst into full bloom
lifting all constrains
caressing the obscured
path of forgetfulness
At the single touch of her hand
all will be well again

With you…

I listen and descend
To the deepest corner
Take me down with each of your breaths
Forget courage and sense
Like pollen in a flower
Rain on earth

If we must be
Let us be a garden and a rainbow
Without end

Blooming season

Echoes of innocence
Caressing morning’s approach
Humbled, happy birds
Thirsty flowers of dawn
Lovers daring to dream
Moon reflecting in your eyes
Releasing new enigmas


My lips asleep
in the eternity of your eyes
a desert for your sorrows
Longings of a life
That never existed (beyond us)