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Let me be

Measure not the quantity of my words,
rather search for the meaning of the few I am able to sob

Measure not my anger or frustration when I reach deep down to find my soul only to fail
or when I try to understand and embrace the unknown ways of love.

Fear not my tears or pity me, for my tears are not sorrows but rain returning to the sun
Try not to fix me because
In your world, I am a broken soul


On love…

I can only offer you my hands
The space and silence between Darkness and Light
A soft cry
Entangled with dreams
The sound of water on my skin
Awakening a thunder of joy and fear
The rhythm of love unfolding
An ocean on each grain of sand

-to bb-

The beauty of your garden

Wrapped in your quietness
You seduce me
We enter, the healing light
Music, the whisper of silence

With you…

I listen and descend
To the deepest corner
Take me down with each of your breaths
Forget courage and sense
Like pollen in a flower
Rain on earth

If we must be
Let us be a garden and a rainbow
Without end